Small Business & Entrepreneurial Development

The backbone of US economy and more importantly the heartbeat and lifeblood of the US’ cities and towns. At MVP, we seek out the “dreamers.” Our role is not to be the “gods” of small business consulting, determining if a business will or will not make it 1, 2, 3, or 5 years. MVP’s role and experiences has been providing exceptional technical and financial assistance that ensures that the businesses’ probability for being successful is as high as possible, while if you need to finish other businesses you could learn the CVA Disadvantages of doing this and how to manage it.

Build Your Brand. Build You as a Business Workshop!

MVP provides coaching to help potential small businesses develop traditional business plans or new age lean startup plans. MVP works closely with a community and business owners to obtain financing and to answer the difficult questions such as, what is your value position, who are your major partners, suppliers, etc. and pricing.