Why MVP?

…Because we are MVP!

Many of our small business, small nonprofit, small agency and small governmental clients refer to us as their organizations’ most valuable partner (mvp). They label us “MVP” simply because of the way that we communicated with them, the way that we treated them and the way that our costs are minimal in comparison to the value/results that we delivered in the areas of economic development, business development and application development that helped them to be successful.

As one of the Nation’s few Certified Economic Developers and practitioner, MVP’s founder and principal knows his stuff! We have helped to create hundreds of new jobs, retain hundreds of jobs and leverage millions in capital investment. Through our exceptional practical experience and proven track-record, MVP knows how to help the “smalls” to be successful in economic development. To be successful our consultancy requires that each expert maintain one of the highest levels of practical knowledge in their respective fields, skill in transferring their knowledge from mind to material, resources that are second to now and the ability to communicate well with diverse audiences.

  • Small Business Development
  • Minority & Woman-owned Business Enterprise Development
  • Economic Development Research, Planning & Development
  • Grant Administration & Evaluation

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From consulting that leads to the development of a national franchise that hires 50 new employees at start-up to an entrepreneur with an idea to a sole proprietorship (one man or woman show), MVP is here for your “smalls.” We recognize that one of the most important services available to potential and existing business owners and entrepreneurs is someone (MVP) that knows business and can guide them to their goal from concept to completion.

For example, MVP’s practical knowledge, skills and abilities help small businesses to complete certification applications that help their business to gain strategic advantages within the marketplace. The certifications that we help small businesses to achieve by delivering our turnkey application development services is highly demanded because the federal and state governments and prime contracts allow contracts for products and services to be awarded sometime without a competitive bid to “certain” businesses, such as those that MVP helps become certified as a HUB Zone business. HUB Zone Certification is a certification approved by the Small Business Administration (SBA) for a businesses’ whose ownership, physical address and 35% of their employees are located within a historically under-utilized business district (HUB Zone).

  • Small Business Development Consulting (Technical & Financial Assistance)
  • Marketing & Advertisement Development
  • Business Plan Research, Writing & Development
  • Outcomes Over Activities Strategy Development
  • Event & Organizational Marketing & Advertisement
  • Research, Development, Training & Consulting

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Many times we are asked questions about nonprofits by church associations, United Ways and more. On many occasions, we are asked what actually is a nonprofit organization? How does one become a nonprofit? What is the difference between a for-profit and nonprofit organization? And, what are the benefits of being a nonprofit? In response, MVP offers customized and prepackaged introductory and intermediate nonprofit training to professionals and organizations that help them to better understand the nonprofit sector and make informed decisions.

For example, during our “Nonprofits See in 3Ds: Development, Dollars & Donors” conference which lasted four (4) hours attendees completed a pre- and post- questionnaire. The questionnaire evaluated their pre- and post- nonprofit knowledge level and MVP’s training. The attendees increased their learning and understanding by 70% after the training than before because of our workshop style and memorable techniques.

  • SBA 8(a) Application Development
  • Disadvantaged Business Entity (DBE) Certification Application Development
  • SBA HUB Zone Application Development
  • Loan Application & Packaging
  • IRS 501(c)3 & 501(c)4 Tax-Exempt Application
  • Grant Research & Writing
  • Tax Credit Application Development
  • Tax Increment Financing (TIF) Application Development
  • New Market Tax Credits (NMTC) Application Development

Give us a call today and lets discuss how we can help you with our application development services needed to become 501(c)3 tax-exempt at 270-839-3426 or email henry@missionvisionpartner.com.

Because it is our job and passion to provide business development, economic development and application development to help the “smalls,” we have an unique skill set. One of the most effective and rewarding solutions that we effectively deliver many are aware, Social Marketing Campaigns. Social marketing is a technique that uses commercial marketing concepts, but with a major twist. The major twist is that while commercial marketing’s goal is to influence its target audience to spend money on the product or service being advertised, social marketing’s goal is to change its target audiences’ behavior or attitude, thus creating a social change.

Our founder Henry Snorton, III, has dedicated his time to mastering social marketing and social enterprise development. He designed and administered his first social marketing campaign while at graduate school pursuing his Master of Public Administration and Graduate Certificate in Nonprofit Management. His first social marketing campaign for a Big Brothers Big Sisters organization in Kentucky, required researching extension data that helped him to identify why Big Brothers & Big Sisters’ target audience were not volunteering. This information was used to develop the “power of one” social marketing campaign: “one child, one hour, one life, one change.”

  • Social Marketing Campaign Development
  • Social Enterprise Development
  • Social Entrepreneurship Development

It would be our pleasure to help you achieve your special projects and programs’ objectives. Give us a call today at 270-839-3426.